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Dream Insurance's landowners’ liability insurance; supply cover for most of the land risks for groups, associations, individuals and commercial units. We do not offer online services for the insurance deals instead we discuss and work in association with the clients so that they understand their land owners liability insurance policy and the protection details it covers for them.

Most of the land associated risks include development site insurance, residents land insurance, un-adopted road insurance, vacant land insurance, industrial land insurance and many others. We understand the hazards to land through water bodies and thus provide insurance that caters to protection of land against this. Our team realize that we are no longer a part of society where people takes liability of their actions and thus it becomes important to get landowners liability insurance provide protection against claims from third party.

At Dream Insurance we understand that landownership is coupled with various risks such as injury to a public member legally or illegally entering your property, you could be held responsible. No matter what is your property area- whether road, field or any building the common laws can hold landowners responsible for damage to third parties. Hence, landowner’s liability insurance is designed such that it protects a land owner’s legal liability in event of damage to others.

Our agents take care of arranging suitable covers that protect land owners. We just need quick response to our queries regarding your land such as location, address, duration as to how long you have owned a particular land, are there any water features and if yes we try to identify potential hazards, is land fence closed etc. These are some of the basic information our team require to create and provide you with a quick liability cover for your land. Our land owners liability insurance policy details the exact description of your land and information that you have supplied and based on this we provide policy coverage schedule which include other additional details such as material damage liability, legal expenses, straying of animals etc.

We will be happy to walk you through the various policies available and selecting the best landowners liability insurance for your needs.

Landowners Liability Insurance

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