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Dream Insurance Brokers is an established condo insurance provider in Toronto. We understand that one of the most important investments in anyone’s life is investing in their condo property. Thus, it is essential to shield your personal belongings as an owner. A condominium is a group of multiple buildings with separate units owned by individuals. Insuring a condo means to insure a separate unit which is not common to multiple users.

We provide condo insurance services in Toronto, a coverage that protects your personal belongings and residence. Though the condominium associations usually have insurance in place but that is more towards insuring the commonly used areas such as corridors, lifts, gymnasium, lobby etc but does not cover the personal property of the owners. That means the area outside your unit is protected but how about protecting your unit interiors, living room walls, water leakage and also protecting someone who has been injured by slipping on your floor. This is where the specific condo insurance comes to rescue.

Our condo insurance services safeguard your personal unit belongings and interiors. This insurance policy also caters to physical injury and property damage caused to other person.  Our condo insurance services in Toronto offer protection to your condo unit against loss from:​

Condo Insurance Toronto

Condo Insurance | Dream Insurance Brokers Toronto

  • Theft

  • Accidental water leakage

  • Fixtures or improvements made to your unit

  • Corrosion of plumbing items

Our highly trained and expert team of condo insurance advisors suggest and offer a number of options to you to choose from. Do you need assistance in evaluating the items in your condo or need a quotation for the condo insurance policy that could protect your individual unit, connect with Dream Insurance team for condo insurance in GTA. Our insurance agents would love to discuss about your needs and suggest the best options for condo insurance policy.​